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You are now logged onto the most innovative and specialist children's physiotherapy provider in the North West. Phyzi Kidz was established in 2002 to help children needing specialist physiotherapy care and treatment, with an understanding that their needs are different from adults.

Children are not just "little adults" and therefore specialist, adult physiotherapists are not specialist, children's physiotherapists. A child may develop problems at birth, as a toddler or as a teenager but each condition is unique to children and each have a very different problem.

Phyzi Kidz physiotherapists not only love playing and having fun with the children throughout the treatment sessions but also have a clear understanding of children's behaviour and their individual needs. We aim to provide an individually tailored treatment programme for your child focused around fun, play and games. Through our experience this provides the most constructive environment for children to improve.
A child's physiotherapist loves to have fun. Children are growing all the time and this is why we need to have a full understanding of their musculoskeletal system and the wide variety of conditions affecting children. Each child is an individual and their treatment should reflect this.

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Gait Re-Education/Assessment
Heat & Ice Therapy
Rehabilitation in preparation for return to sport
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