4 - 12 Years Old
Between these ages children start taking part in P.E and sports at school, which sometimes highlights problems. They may get injured during the Wednesday football match or they may start complaining of aches and pains in one of their joints, often known as “Growing Pains”.

Can we help with any of these problems which may actually stop them playing in their team or just playing out after school? YES

Sporting injuries are not all that common in this age group but do occur and it is therefore essential the injury is assessed and treated appropriately, even though children repair more quickly than adults. Adequate time must be allowed for the healing process to be completed so as to prevent recurrent problems in the future.

Dyspraxia is a common problem. It is a condition leading to problems with poor co-ordination and organisation of movement resulting in clumsiness and reduced balance. This is often highlighted when they start school and are compared to their peers.

Rehabilitation after Broken Bones is another area where a physio can help children return to normal activities. The child will often be frightened to move or put weight through their limb. By attending physio, doing exercises and games they will quickly re-learn normal function and regain strength in their limb.
A child's physiotherapist loves to have fun. Children are growing all the time and this is why we need to have a full understanding of their musculoskeletal system and the wide variety of conditions affecting children. Each child is an individual and their treatment should reflect this.

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