Teenagers can develop a number of problems often caused by sporting activities, growth spurts, broken bones or overuse injuries. The important point to remember is that children are always growing which puts a lot of strain on certain areas of the musculoskeletal system.

Physiotherapy can be effective in aiding a quick recovery and return to sports and a healthy life. This is usually following a soft tissue injury, rehabilitation after a broken bone or focusing on strength training and balance work. It may be that a simple assessment is required providing advice or a referral onto another health professional, all of which Phyzi Kidz can do!

Teenagers with Cerebral Palsy may also experience problems when they go through a growth spurt. Regular stretching exercises are required as well as regular monitoring for splints, wheelchairs, seating and any other equipment they may require to make function possible.

A child's physiotherapist loves to have fun. Children are growing all the time and this is why we need to have a full understanding of their musculoskeletal system and the wide variety of conditions affecting children. Each child is an individual and their treatment should reflect this.

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