Baby massage is a very popular and effective treatment which can be enjoyed by both mum and baby. It involves touching your baby and touch is one of the most basic forms of communication.

Physiological Effects of Massage
  • Stimulates the circulatory system & lymphatic system
  • Improves the Respiratory system
  • Reduces certain types of oedema
  • Stimulates organs and body systems
  • Reduces pain
  • Aids digestion
  • Positive effects on muscles and joints
  •Stimulates the immune system
  •Promotes growth & development

Psychological Effects of Massage
  •Increases bonding & attachment
  •Meets the need to be touched
  •Reduces anxiety, stress & depression
  •Increases potential confidence

Massage is Touch and Touch is:
  •“Feeding babies with touches, giving food to their skins and their backs, is just as important as filling their stomachs” (Lebayer 1997)
  •The skin is a primary sensory organ even in a 6 week old foetus
  •The baby’s 1st experience of massage is at birth
  •Skin is the external nervous system which responds incredibly well to the stimulation of baby massage.

A child's physiotherapist loves to have fun. Children are growing all the time and this is why we need to have a full understanding of their musculoskeletal system and the wide variety of conditions affecting children. Each child is an individual and their treatment should reflect this.

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